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Internet Connection Error - Microsoft Teams

No Internet connection error/message – we need to clear the cache in Windows 10

1. Close all instances of TEAMS

a. Ctrl+Alt+Delete then Task Manager then More Details and close TEAMS in the APP

section as well as background processes section if listed.

2. Open the RUN window by typing “run” in the search bar

3. Type “%appdata%\Microsoft\teams” in the dialog box.

a. Or navigate to C:\Users\XYZ\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\teams (where XYZ is the


4. Copy everything from this folder to some other place in your computer. Hence, it means

that you will have a backup in case you need it.

5. After backing up the data, you can delete the content of the entire folder.

6. Open Microsoft Teams app and the app should now work.

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