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Cloud Solutions

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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Access your Business Desktop securely from anywhere with an internet connection. Stay comfortable on any end-point whether it's PC, Laptop, Tablet, Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, or Web. With today's growing remote environments, feel secure and productive while you work on the same familiar computer every time no matter your location.

Organizations love to use Virtual Desktops because they are centrally managed and more efficient than traditional physical Desktops. They eliminate the need for configurations, updates and app deployments to multiple computers. Access your powerful Virtual Desktop while staying cost-effective with the on-prem physical end-point.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
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Private Cloud Servers

More and more business everywhere are running their infrastructure and servers in the cloud. The reason for this is simple. They are stable, fast and secure, all while avoiding the headaches that come with all the hardware maintenance and repairs. This means businesses stay up, while the IT Budget stays down.

Our Managed Cloud Servers include scalability options, to allow your servers to grow with your business needs. This means we can add more Memory, Storage, and Processing Power when the time comes, instead of replacing an entire server. Your most critical applications can even run on dedicated systems, allowing the application to take advantage of the most resources available.

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Backup | Disaster Recovery

Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions are crucial for any business. Having multiple full backups of your data can be utilized when important company data goes missing, misplaced, overwritten or in many cases, even corrupt. Industry-related Compliance standards (i.e., HIPPA / PCI, etc.) are also requiring companies to have full encrypted backups of all their data.


Disaster Recovery (DR) can have many options and solutions, depending on your company needs and budget. Our Disaster Recovery plans are configured to have your most critical applications and data safe, in the event that an outage may occur, including power, internet, hardware or software.


Put your trust in Your Secure Host to design a Disaster Recovery solution perfect for you.

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Email | Application Hosting

Email is one of the most used communication tools in the business world today. With such a critical piece to your business, let us host and manage your Email solution using powerful management tools from Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace. We design and provide a secure and reliable solution for today's fast-paced business needs.


Your business critical applications are essential for business continuity. If a business-critical application fails or is interrupted, normal operations of the organization cannot proceed as usual. Let us manage and host your critical applications reliably and securely in the Cloud and trust that your applications will continue to function as needed.

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Multi-Cloud Solutions

These days the Cloud is what most business are moving towards. With reasons like, 99.999% uptime, cost savings, scalability and performance, it's easy to see why this is the case. Not all Cloud solutions are the same however. There may be important factors to consider when choosing between AWS, Azure, GCP, or even designing your own Private Cloud.


Your Secure Host has designed and implemented hundreds of Cloud Solutions for our clients. Let us design the perfect Cloud Solution for your business needs and trust that your data and applications will be reliable and secure within a high performance environment.

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